(Collab & lnterview) Introducing Kay RenRen from Ruann Eats #fibromastosis [2018]

(Collab & lnterview) Introducing Kay RenRen from Ruann Eats #fibromastosis [2018]

#kayrenren #neurofibromastosis #aspieanswers

lntroduding Kay Ren Ren from Ruann Eats
You can find her channel here: https://www.youtube.com/Ruanneats

She is talking about Neurofibromatosis today as well as her being a survivor of MPNST.

Neurofibromatosis (NF) is a group of three conditions in which tumors grow in the nervous system.The three types are neurofibromatosis type 1 (NF1), neurofibromatosis type 2 (NF2), and schwannomatosis.

In NF1 symptoms include light brown spots on the skin, freckles in the armpit and groin, small bumps within nerves, and scoliosis. In NF2 there may be hearing loss, cataracts at a young age, balance problems, flesh-colored skin flaps, and muscle wasting. The tumors are generally non-cancerous.

The cause is a genetic mutation in certain genes. In half of the cases these are inherited from a person’s parents while in the rest, they occur during early development.
The tumors involve supporting cells in the nervous system rather than the neurons.In NF1 the tumors are neurofibromas (tumors of the peripheral nerves), while in NF2 and schwannomatosis tumors of Schwann cells are more common.
Diagnosis is typically based on the signs and symptoms and occasionally supported by genetic testing.



Link to the video we did together you can find here: Introducing Kay RenRen

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(NEWSFLASH) #What’sNew/# Aspie’sUpdate- October [2018]

(NEWSFLASH) #What’sNew/# Aspie’sUpdate- October [2018]

Watch this for more to what I share here as it’s self-explanatory:
What is New for Aspie? #Update October 2018

Hi all,

This is a quick update as promised to what l am hoping to still achieve for the rest of 2018 and start of 2019.

I mentioned about that there’s a deal on my merch store that if you interested in buying anything there that you’ll get free shipping from October 22-24, 2018 with the code SHIPFREE18.

Talked about also more about my future plans for the projects of videos and the title of the series were tied when l posted this on Twitter and Facebook groups I’m in along with the interview series to continue.

Alongside with this is my website is coming soon as just trying to get the promotion video up along with also have a name for my site. https:www.aspieanswers.com.
Lastly I talked about my funding page and how it works and more.

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(COLLAB) Introducing Jesse from #EagleEyeGaming #PTSD [2018]

(COLLAB) Introducing Jesse from #EagleEyeGaming #PTSD [2018]

Feel free to visit this interview here: Introducing EagleEyeGaming

Hi all,

Welcome to another one of my interview collabs where I invite special guests that have wished to participate with me in talking about Mental Health or General Health. In these series that I’ve put together will introduce people from YouTube and other places that I’ve met them.

Today’s guest is Jesse from EagleEyeGaming talking all about PTSD, how it is with him on the daily and you can find his channel by clicking here to visit him: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfpKEsCjGMOEV5W8rO6cCLw

You can also find him on the following also:

https:www.facebook.com/Eagle EyeGaming

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allyouneedtoknowabout #Raynaud’sDisease [2018]

#allyouneedtoknowabout #Raynaud’sDisease [2018]


#allyouneedtoknow #raynaud’sdisease #aspieanswers

Raynaud syndrome, also known as Raynaud’s phenomenon, is a medical condition in which spasm of arteries causes episodes of reduced blood flow.
Typically the fingers, and less commonly the toes, are involved. Rarely, the nose, ears, or lips are affected.
The episodes result in the affected part turning white and then blue. Often, there is numbness or pain.
As blood flow returns, the area turns red and burns.
The episodes typically last minutes but can last up to several hours.

Raynaud’s disease, smaller arteries that supply blood to your skin narrow, limiting blood circulation to affected areas (vasospasm).

Women are more likely than men to have Raynaud’s disease, also known as Raynaud or Raynaud’s phenomenon or syndrome.
It appears to be more common in people who live in colder climates.

Episodes are often triggered by cold or emotional stress. There are two main types: primary Raynaud’s, when the cause is unknown,
and secondary Raynaud’s, which occurs as a result of another condition. Secondary Raynaud’s can occur due to a connective tissue disorder, such as scleroderma or lupus, injuries to the hands, prolonged vibration, smoking, thyroid problems, and certain medications, such as birth control pills. Diagnosis is typically based on the symptoms.

I also talked about the following:
*signs & symptoms
*Causes- Primary & Secondary
*Risk Factors

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Come Follow Me- Little Cuba Carnival Palmerston North New Zealand [27 October 2018]

Come Follow Me- Little Cuba Carnival Palmerston North New Zealand [27 October 2018]

Come & Follow Me

Hi my readers,

Sorry for not being so active as a lot has happened in the past few days while I’ve been doing what I feel need to be done. Today, is a special day where I am here in New Zealand and thought that it is time to share it with you all.

Come and join me today here in New Zealand in Palmerston North’s Cuba Carnival which is now back again, this time it is time to celebrate the opening of the Cuba Street Rejuvenation Project with the Mayor of Palmerston North Grant Smith and the Ambassador of Cuba. Get along and enjoy a day of live music, food, entertainment, pop-up shopping, lobby art exhibitions and much more. This event held Saturday 27 October 2018 was kindly Sponsored by Palmerston North City Council, The Embassy of Cuba, Distinction Hotel, Pineapple Studios, and Groovylicious and many more community support people, without your help our community could not have this event!

Special thanks to: Palmerston North Mayor- Grant Smith Cuban Ambassador Palmerston North City Council Groovylicious Pineapple Studios Higgins Palmerston North Noosh Restaurant Distinction Hotel Palmerston North AND SO MUCH MORE Thanks for your support and thanks for watching.


Autistic, Allistic, Neurodiverse, and Neurotypical: Say what?

Autistic, Allistic, Neurodiverse, and Neurotypical: Say what?

Hi all and welcome back to an everyday life of an Aspie. If you’re new I welcome you all. I’m Aspie and I’m all about creating mental health and awareness and sharing my life story with Aspergers Syndrome and the like along with advocating, educating you all based on this and more.

So, it has been bought to my attention right now as read Autistic, Allistic, Neurodivergent- Say What?!! as a topic today. I wanna address to you right now, because obviously at this point of time, many of us Autistics get labelled as different things as well as normal people out there that doesn’t have Autism. And, I wanna hopefully just clarify up a bit so that hopefully in saying this that we don’t get any confusion or misunderstandings between the autistic community and the community out there that ain’t autistic. So, that hopefully, we can respect one another’s differences of opinions. So, as we know basically, like now and again we tend to question ourselves what’s the right way to address ourselves and the Autistic community right? I’m sure that many of us autistics have that same sorta question to ask ourselves as well as maybe just you normal people around us when it comes down to it. I want to like I said hopefully that in hope we can be familiar with all this because there has been a lot of questions raising above this like terminology that gets so confusing once in a while, here say as well by it all. So, perhaps like I said it’s about time, I’ll address it to you guys that are new or has been with me, journeying with me so that we can just accept one another’s differences of opinion hopefully, here say as well. Assuming at this point, while you’ve been journeying with me however, that you should know the term, so well about Autistic that has come out, what it means in a general way for people on there as well as the terminology Autism Spectrum Disorder that I clearly address- What is Autism Spectrum Disorder which will be linked above me while you’re doing this. So, feel free to click that before continuing on watching this if you wish.
Yet, some of you guys not all of you guys, I am not going to prejudge yas may still have bascially or hold some form of misconception about the everyday life of an autistic, you know – how they live their life and how they may label it but it’s all in due course we’re in the learning process together- be it Autistic or not, here say I reckon. You may have heard many of us Autistics or have been reading/watching some Autistics voices either here on the blog I have got also on WordPress or even just maybe through YouTube if you’re know some that are supporting and admiring right now. I’m just hoping right now, hopefully just while teaching you or educating you today we can learn from it and also in saying this that it will matter. Because, obviously many people may say, “Say what, Kerrin!” or shall we say, “Say what, Aspie?Are you nuts right now? Who cares! You’re the only one that cares about it and that I hear about it by many people saying to me time and time again via out on the street or while I get some of the comments listed below. As you’re aware that Ihave been using the terminology or word Neurotypical or as it is abbreviated down to NT.Which stands for neurology Typical or NeuroTypical depending on what context that you’re using it in- past or present here say. Which is a neologism that has been widely used in the Autistic community for quite sometime now as a label for people who are not high on the autism spectrum here say. And just to bear note also, I am now trying to consider after doing my research that I’m hoping to address to you all even though it’s running of late about basically autism and camouflaging.

Autism Spectrum Condition to be used so that we can hope for the best we don’t offend anyone that feels of any Autistics out there of that word “disorder” to the point where they may offended or rattle some feathers. So, forgive me on this one but back to this one now though. So, for this, NT in its original usage, usually it is referred to certain person obviously with not Autism or what have you. Right? So, you are probably thinking well what’s the case here? Because obviously in saying this its original usage was basically referred to anyone who is not autistic or a cousin with an autistic like trait or autistic like brain however in this case. But, this being said is the latter.

Coming into the neurodiversity movement, there are some terms that a new person might not be familiar with. I’ve been seeing a lot of questions about some of them,
and some misunderstandings about them as well, so it is perhaps time for writing something on these terms.

If you are reading this blog, I’m assuming that you know what Autistic means in a general way. Some of you might still hold some misconceptions about autistic life,
but I believe that to be a part of the learning process. You are reading Autistic voices either here or on the blogs of other Autistics, hopefully learning from it,
and that is what matters.

Neurotypical or NT, an abbreviation of neurologically typical, is a neologism widely used in the autistic community as a label for people who are not high on
the autism spectrum. In its original usage, it referred to anyone who is not autistic or a ‘cousin’ with an ‘autistic-like’ brain;[he term was later
narrowed to refer to those with strictly typical neurology, that is, without a defined neurological difference.

In other words, this refers to anyone who does not have any developmental disabilities such as autism, developmental coordination disorder,
‘or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. The term was later adopted by both the neurodiversity movement and the scientific community.

In recent times, people with any sort of mental disability, whether congenital or acquired, have also sometimes been excluded from the neurotypical label.
In this sense, the term is now contrasted to neurodivergent, ND, or neuroatypical, an umbrella term inclusive of people with diverse mental and behavioral
disorders, such as mood, anxiety, dissociate, psychotic, personality, and eating disorders. The conditions themselves, following the neurodiversity
and social construction of disability models and in distance from the hegemonic medical model of disability (otherwise known in the neurodiversity community
as the “pathology paradigm”), are often referred to as neurodivergences—that is, neurotypes that are divergent from a given social and medical norm.

Neurotypical, as a specific term for its original purpose within autistic communities, has been replaced by some with allistic, or “nypical”,
which has roughly the same meaning that “neurotypical” had originally.[6] These terms refer to those who are not autistic and who do not possess another
pervasive developmental disorder, even if they may be neurologically atypical in some other way, such as having dyslexia.

The National Autistic Society of the United Kingdom recommends the use of the term “neurotypical” in its advice to journalists

You’ll notice that I use “autistic” rather than “person with autism” throughout. This is intentional. The basic idea is that my being is autistic-
the patterns my brain form thoughts in, the essentials of the way I perceive and learn from the world are autistic. Autisticness is, for me
and many others, an essential part of what makes me, me. It is who and what I am as a whole. It is as I’ve shared so many times before known as the difference of wiring in the brain and how I connect to the world as well as seeing it as a different pair of eyes to you guys. As you know, I’ve used term Aspie alot in most of my writings as well as through my videos. I am a person with Aspergers Syndrome. On the other hand,
saying I am “with” autism denies this reality.

There are many brilliant writers who have addressed Autistic vs person first language in more depth. Jim Sinclair, one of the Autistic community’s elders,
wrote a piece in 1999 on the issue which you can read on Cafe Mom. Many others have echoed and expanded upon Jim’s thoughts since then. Lydia over at
Autistic Hoya has written a number of posts on identity first language vs person first, including “The Significance of Semantics: Person-First Language:
Why It Matters” which ends with a list of links to other writers on the issue.

Some people’s constructions of how they phrase their identity are very personal, others political, and a good number both.
I have a mixture of phrasing for myself. My own preferred construction is “
Allistic, on the other hand, means “non-autistic.” (Some people use “neurotypical” this way, but I”ll get to why I disagree with that usage in a moment.)
That is all it means. It doesn’t mean someone is intrinsically better or worse, and it doesn’t indicate ally-hood or opponent-hood.
\It just means that someone is not autistic.

Allistic is a term that members of the autistic community came up with. While the earliest mention I can find (Zefram, Fysh.org, 2003)
is constructed to work in a parody, the word construction makes a lot of sense. So much so, in fact, that Zefram’s work isn’t known to many community
members now using the term. In Zefram’s postscript, it is explained that the construction is based on the way that the word “autistic” is constructed:

The word “allism”, invented for this article, is intended to precisely complement “autism”.
It is based on the Greek word “allos”, meaning “other”, just as “autos” (in “autism”) means
“self”. […]

This explanation of “allistic”‘s construction continues to be in use. As some might note, the relative constructions of “autistic”
and “allistic” are not dissimilar to the relationship between the words “transgender” and “cisgender.” Even if the alternative was developed to suit
the needs of politically charged parody, allistic is linguistically a more accurate term than some of the alternatives.

Neurotypical is often used interchangeable with allistic, but I would argue that it isn’t actually interchangeable. Neurotypical is short for
“neurologically typical”- within the typical range for human neurology. Obviously it wouldn’t make sense to say that someone with definitively atypical
neurology was neurologically typical just because their atypicality wasn’t that they autistic. Indeed, the Neurotypical/neurodiverse terminology has been adopted
by certain segments of the Mental Health consumers/survivors communities for this very reason.

On-going usage aside, from what I recall the initial usage was one that is synonymous with the current “allistic.” However, between the acceptance of autistic
cousins (those who aren’t autistic but who have similarities, including those with ADHD) and the penetration of the term beyond the initial communities it swiftly
became used more diversely. Eventually, the more diverse (and in my mind accurate) usage meant that a more accurate term for non-autistic was needed.
(Which brings us back to Allistic!)

Neurodiverse can have two meanings depending on what it is talking about. When referring to individuals, it simply means that the individual(s)
in question have neurologies that are neurologically atypical. AKA, that they aren’t neurotypical. Generally speaking this usage is not used to just
talk about Autistics, but is inclusive of other people whose neurology is atypical.

When discussing a population sample, though, it can mean that the neurologies represented are diverse. In this usage, the people in question include
more than one type of neurology, and may even include members with individually typical neurology in some instances. This is the less common of the two usages
that I’ve seen, though.

I hope that this was useful. For those interested in more information about the origins of certain aspects of autistic culture, I recommend you read
Jim Sinclair’s History of ANI, which documents the early days of the autistic culture movement through the establishment of Autreat.



DISCLAIMER/TRIGGER WARNING: This writing was when I was in my darkest moments in my past while I was struggling with some personal issues. I am no medical doctor, I am just you’re normal Jo Blogs and that if you see anything that is out of the ordinary and see any of the warning signs of late to what I may have shared in my past videos on my channel – (link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWKw1HpNsu_EyAhhEJrayyw) seek professional help for yourself or your loved one or even seek medical advice for yourself or your loved one as I don’t forever condone self-harm.
Now, let’s begin my poem.


Hello past life,
How we have now met again and you are turning up out of the blue,

Turning up out of the blue and unexpectedly and without heed warning,

You won’t forever give a clue to come and visit me,

Visit me when I’m on my all-time low or on my bad days,

Is there a time you can go away and not be a mystery stray,

Are you visiting me to stay or eventually go away?

You come into my life to taunt, haunt and tease me,
Along with that you come into my life and make yourself at home by creating doubts, confusion along with the unanswered questions,

Having to keep on seeking but no matter what or how hard I try,

You came in to cause so much pain, havoc and hell,

Only then and there, time will tell,

Now is the time to tell me why,

Why I have to suffer so much in silence and being in so much pain?

Why do you go and make me so crazy and so insane?

Why now you decided to give me the emotional scars?

Why do you hurt me so much?

Why now that I feel so out of reach, sight, and out of touch?
Why did you take away and suck out all the joy and happiness?
Why did you become the thief of the night to steal the things that I loved and cared the most?
There’s seems to be no end in sight and I am at a lost!
Why did you steal the people that I cared so deeply that you leave me internally bleeding?
Did I say or did something wrong to deserve all this?
You were dressed in a disguise or even a mask and that makes it more deceiving!
Seeing as they say seeing is believing!
Why to the point you came in to destroy me?
And let me live to be normal and to be free.

Why make me suffer every day?
Please stay clear away
and let me be!
Do I really deserve this torture and pain?
Do you like seeing and driving me insane?
To the point that it burns me deep and leaves emotional scars.
I’m now at a loss,

Now you’re deciding to have a party inside of my head,
I don’t know what to do now,

Somehow, you’re taking me places I don’t know,

Places of the unknown and that are so unfamiliar.

All I want to do is scream and shout,

Yet there’s no words coming out.

I want to pull out my hair
I don’t want to live anymore and to not live in fear

I don’t understand why you’re doing this to me now- why now?
I don’t know for how long I’ll be able to hold on,

I don’t know how long I can be strong

I am now closing my grey eyes and start to breathe,

Pretending not to be forever seen for a time.

I feel safe and secure

I am and I will change for my better and brighter future

Nothing and no-one will forever hurt or harm me,

I can be just ME

I was a little girl that’s carrying the whole world

I’m drowning and suffocating

This is so unreal and unbelievably as well as undeniably toxic

But today is the day that I am going to seize the moment and day,

To break the chains and break free,

To be me,

Left and being alone

Today, I’ll make my own life and song,

Time to move on and be strong.



*Just a quick note before I start writing my entry for the day- this is from my channel on YouTube – the link to it is here if you wish to see my video: https://youtu.be/Gamxszasp5M or  you can find the video by clicking here as well on the playlist under POEMS I HAVE WROTE: Spoken Word- The Real Truth about being a girl.

I shall let you readers decide how you want to do this as it will pay to have video up as well as my writing to understand what I am saying to you all.

Now, let us begin my writing for the day:

Today, people always say girls of this generation are so vain.
People always say that girls of this generation are so plain
That most of these girls put their brains inside their books.
Instead of focusing on their portrayed good looks.
I do blame girls too.
Why do I blame girls too?
Listen up and closely to what I’m about to say,
We’re all now having to have the “Perfect body”, “Perfect shape” and the “Perfect hairdo”

Then and only then I take a step and great look at this bleak world we’re living in,
I opened my grey eyes to see the truth about being a girl today.
You and I as a girl hear guys say some real rude and crude stuff about us in how they imagine and envision us to what and how they want us to be,
“Dude, she’s ten times tighter than the girl who you were hitting on and getting a quick ray!”
Or, “l want to hit up your sister one day!”
Or, “Her arse looks like a railway track like these stretch marks but unless it’s big like Kim Kaye.

I never grew up thinking all of these things that has been said and taught as the insecurities and self-doubt started to creep in.

Don’t blame me when I thought about boys at a certain age
As I thought about deeply dinner dates and long lasting soulmates and not fuckboys to look at or down on you as a shark bait.
I’m sorry if I’m too old fashioned to you into what was taught and has been instilled in me
This is who and what I am and what I see
Sorry but not sorry.
This sort of mentality and attitude towards girls breaks my heart.
For every girl growing up in this world and we live in.

Instead of a decent boy or young man showing he cares by sending a text message of “How are you?” “How was your day?”
We girls nowadays receive degrading text messages of “Are you up and do you want to have a fuck!”

I am standing up right now to you to tell you this, “I am not a tool, trophy or some object and many other labels you may want to label me as.”
“I am human and I do have a voice.”

And I do have something to say and no I don’t what to shut up and listen  as the roles and tables has been turned as it is now my time to speak and stand up on my TRUTH.
Don’t forever assume that I or any other girls belong just in the bedrooms of yours.
I/we women belong in a conference room or any other room for that matter that I/we crave for affection, praises and the right sort of attention.
And for anyone that thinks that this generation is plain and vain.
And that there’s a reason because that reason is that us girls has been and always been held under the microscope day after day.
Being held under some sort of force or some conceptions, ideas and more and the very thought of beautiful or being being beautiful doesn’t seem to exist no more.
And to you boys out there that you may as well start having a a checklist or to tick along in that specific checklist that we meet your guidelines/criteria
So, here’s the list for you boys to check if we qualify and to satisfy your wants, needs and expectations-
BIG BUTTS, BIG BOOBS, SKINNY/SLIM WAIST, Oh and let’s include small nose, plump and filled lips, BIG HIPS, HAIRLESS & CARELESS,

But, in all fairness- I do want to be seen as beautiful too,
But, don’t get me wrong- that list you’re envisioned or dreamed of at correct
That this is all a joke to some as all of us girls comes in different shapes and sizes.
I don’t want to be demeaned
I’m not the same girl that I was at sixteen.
I mean I’m stuck in between transitioning from being a girl to a young woman.

Growing up in a crazy world- that has taught me to look sexy
To get a degree
Maybe some kind of makeup or beauty surgery.
But, never or not to disagree with misogamy.

A world that has not taught me how to be a “Real” woman
That we’re living constantly in fear
Fear of our basic healthcare and health needs will disappear,
Or even our pay check can be somehow be smaller than the man that does the very some job as us even if do a better job than them,
Or the boss just tells us girls to stop giving blow-jobs.
If you just want a raise, that we girls have to sacrifice and compromise
Show me above into what lies above those thighs.

Oh boy, – Come on – puhleeze!”
The moment you want what you want from us as well as also misidentifying and/or misunderstanding everything.
Was when you forgot or want to forget that not even a hundred years ago
I could not vote.
You look at what happens when you’re trying to demote
The very beings and bodies that gave birth to you – puhleeze.
We’re used to it all of what you and society has thrown at us and yet we all girls are appalled but certainly
We girls don’t know what it is to feel like to be free.

A quality is that it’s not just about calling someone out,
A quality is having accountability and taking responsibility for their own actions
A quality is education from classrooms to courtrooms to conference rooms and to computer screens
It’s using the fast and growing technology for the greater good.
And for the “Me too” movement
And for equality – it’s for TRUTH.

This strong voice that you’re hearing today as I stand is going to be breaking through the silence, tribulations and barricades
As all of this and more needs to be broken and no one that can’t or won’t exist shouldn’t have to be tolerated.
It goes for all of you!

Changing the future – cleaning the path for every woman and man
It’s all about raising the next generation
To know that not only does the voice matter and counts BUT it will be heard and that’s why we got the power in our hands to change
Because- we will not sit down and/or back and nod and smile
While certain people wants to reconcile to the rules to be fertile.

Sorry, this is my life and body baby!
I maybe a young lady but my parents always told me to speak out and fight against the injustices of any and every kind that matters to me.
So- here I am today speaking out for all the ladies in the house,
We will not stop the fight til we get the rights
We shall and will not be silenced no more
For every woman of race, gender, disability, colour, size etc in this place of this world.