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I  have made it my mission to raise awareness and to help educate others of the many misconceptions related to this condition. However, I cannot do this alone. It’s very difficult to get hired for a steady job, and I need an income to fulfill my life’s dream of helping others by raising awareness. I want to be able to give more time to my youtube channel dedicated to the cause, create podcasts, buy broadcasting equipment, as well as be able to pay for my living expenses.

This is where you can go to purchase my book as anyone interested in buying there are two options. One is in eBook and the other as a hard copy.

Where to find my book is if you click here: Life of an Aspie – eBook option.

You’ll also find the paperback version on there too.

I’ll also hope to do it as audio format and post it on Lulu website as now I can do this. Yet, I’ve added the files to my playlist here as well as on YouTube for you all to watch.

I’m hoping soon to also as shared to create some merch and branding on my channel along with representing Autism Awareness Month in NZ which is on April 4 every year.

I’m also hoping to advertise and market more of my book along with channel and so much more.

I have created a few crowdfunding pages yet I’ll need to reopen the accounts so that I can continue to create and fulfill my dreams and goals.

I just recently created a profile page on and this is a link where you can choose to donate or make a donation towards my goal. It’s almost like patreon where people can donate as much or as little as they want to help creators etc like me to move forward into making their dreams a reality.

I have now also finished creating my Patreon account/page and if you would like to see what I’ve done on there that there should be anything there that should meet your budget, you can support me and visit my link here:

I have also been creating merch for branding of my channel as well as also for the upcoming months leading up to autism awareness/acceptance and if you’re interested in buying anything from there, feel free to visit my site on:

Also, there is a merch sale at the moment to what I am selling after designing as many as I can. 

There is at least 15% off everything on my merch store right now when you visit.

Run Time: February 28th – March 5th
Coupon Code US: GETU15.

Get this while it lasts! For a limited time only. 

Spread the word.


I have also made a video for my plans for Autism Awareness and Acceptance month which you can watch here if you’re interested:

I’ll keep you all posted of all this and more either on here or via through my social media that you all can follow me on that’s on the front of my web page as well as any other social medias that I am on so be sure to follow me on those along with my channel.

If you would like to help my cause, please make a donation of any amount as this is much appreciated.

Every little bit counts!

Thanks everyone for your support & kindness of heart!!!


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