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Now, let us begin my writing for the day:

Today, people always say girls of this generation are so vain.
People always say that girls of this generation are so plain
That most of these girls put their brains inside their books.
Instead of focusing on their portrayed good looks.
I do blame girls too.
Why do I blame girls too?
Listen up and closely to what I’m about to say,
We’re all now having to have the “Perfect body”, “Perfect shape” and the “Perfect hairdo”

Then and only then I take a step and great look at this bleak world we’re living in,
I opened my grey eyes to see the truth about being a girl today.
You and I as a girl hear guys say some real rude and crude stuff about us in how they imagine and envision us to what and how they want us to be,
“Dude, she’s ten times tighter than the girl who you were hitting on and getting a quick ray!”
Or, “l want to hit up your sister one day!”
Or, “Her arse looks like a railway track like these stretch marks but unless it’s big like Kim Kaye.

I never grew up thinking all of these things that has been said and taught as the insecurities and self-doubt started to creep in.

Don’t blame me when I thought about boys at a certain age
As I thought about deeply dinner dates and long lasting soulmates and not fuckboys to look at or down on you as a shark bait.
I’m sorry if I’m too old fashioned to you into what was taught and has been instilled in me
This is who and what I am and what I see
Sorry but not sorry.
This sort of mentality and attitude towards girls breaks my heart.
For every girl growing up in this world and we live in.

Instead of a decent boy or young man showing he cares by sending a text message of “How are you?” “How was your day?”
We girls nowadays receive degrading text messages of “Are you up and do you want to have a fuck!”

I am standing up right now to you to tell you this, “I am not a tool, trophy or some object and many other labels you may want to label me as.”
“I am human and I do have a voice.”

And I do have something to say and no I don’t what to shut up and listen  as the roles and tables has been turned as it is now my time to speak and stand up on my TRUTH.
Don’t forever assume that I or any other girls belong just in the bedrooms of yours.
I/we women belong in a conference room or any other room for that matter that I/we crave for affection, praises and the right sort of attention.
And for anyone that thinks that this generation is plain and vain.
And that there’s a reason because that reason is that us girls has been and always been held under the microscope day after day.
Being held under some sort of force or some conceptions, ideas and more and the very thought of beautiful or being being beautiful doesn’t seem to exist no more.
And to you boys out there that you may as well start having a a checklist or to tick along in that specific checklist that we meet your guidelines/criteria
So, here’s the list for you boys to check if we qualify and to satisfy your wants, needs and expectations-
BIG BUTTS, BIG BOOBS, SKINNY/SLIM WAIST, Oh and let’s include small nose, plump and filled lips, BIG HIPS, HAIRLESS & CARELESS,

But, in all fairness- I do want to be seen as beautiful too,
But, don’t get me wrong- that list you’re envisioned or dreamed of at correct
That this is all a joke to some as all of us girls comes in different shapes and sizes.
I don’t want to be demeaned
I’m not the same girl that I was at sixteen.
I mean I’m stuck in between transitioning from being a girl to a young woman.

Growing up in a crazy world- that has taught me to look sexy
To get a degree
Maybe some kind of makeup or beauty surgery.
But, never or not to disagree with misogamy.

A world that has not taught me how to be a “Real” woman
That we’re living constantly in fear
Fear of our basic healthcare and health needs will disappear,
Or even our pay check can be somehow be smaller than the man that does the very some job as us even if do a better job than them,
Or the boss just tells us girls to stop giving blow-jobs.
If you just want a raise, that we girls have to sacrifice and compromise
Show me above into what lies above those thighs.

Oh boy, – Come on – puhleeze!”
The moment you want what you want from us as well as also misidentifying and/or misunderstanding everything.
Was when you forgot or want to forget that not even a hundred years ago
I could not vote.
You look at what happens when you’re trying to demote
The very beings and bodies that gave birth to you – puhleeze.
We’re used to it all of what you and society has thrown at us and yet we all girls are appalled but certainly
We girls don’t know what it is to feel like to be free.

A quality is that it’s not just about calling someone out,
A quality is having accountability and taking responsibility for their own actions
A quality is education from classrooms to courtrooms to conference rooms and to computer screens
It’s using the fast and growing technology for the greater good.
And for the “Me too” movement
And for equality – it’s for TRUTH.

This strong voice that you’re hearing today as I stand is going to be breaking through the silence, tribulations and barricades
As all of this and more needs to be broken and no one that can’t or won’t exist shouldn’t have to be tolerated.
It goes for all of you!

Changing the future – cleaning the path for every woman and man
It’s all about raising the next generation
To know that not only does the voice matter and counts BUT it will be heard and that’s why we got the power in our hands to change
Because- we will not sit down and/or back and nod and smile
While certain people wants to reconcile to the rules to be fertile.

Sorry, this is my life and body baby!
I maybe a young lady but my parents always told me to speak out and fight against the injustices of any and every kind that matters to me.
So- here I am today speaking out for all the ladies in the house,
We will not stop the fight til we get the rights
We shall and will not be silenced no more
For every woman of race, gender, disability, colour, size etc in this place of this world.







No matter how hard it is in life we need to realise that we are the ones that are fully responsible and accountable for our own thoughts, feelings and actions. We can’t blame any girl that we may have got in our lives as we’re not the ones as a job to make you happy as we are all in charge of our happiness, future and destiny.
Never blame your wife/girlfriend or friends if you get frustrated, angry etc at her as the only reason behind this is that there’s something that’s triggering inside of you and only YOU. They’re your emotions and responsibility. When you feel these feelings take time to get present with them and to look within yourself and admit that something is wrong and ask yourself that it’s only YOU can heal yourself and you’re attracted to this woman for a reason and that reason alone is because she’s best suited to trigger all your childhood wounds, scars and emotions as she knows what pain is as she endures it more than we realise. She’s there for a reason and that reason also is to be there so that you can get healed from them if you choose to get healed. When you’re healed within yourself and no longer triggered by this then you’ll begin to wonder why you over them in the first place. FORGIVE IMMEDIATELY and focus on the future rather than carrying all the weight of the past. Don’t let your history hold you hostage. FORGIVENESS IS FREEDOM and CHOICE.

The difference between DISRESPECT & Standing up for yourself

The difference between DISRESPECT & Standing up for yourself

Let me tell you something and be real with you all when it comes to conflict- it sure as hell isn’t always easy for me and I am sure as guaranteed for any of yous too. It doesn’t come naturally to me or I don’t start a conflict because I want to or because I have to. NO. Far from it. I am the complete opposite. I try to eliminate and diffuse the situation QUICK SMART. I know from experience usually it’s best to be a better man or woman to at least acknowledge that there is a problem and try to fix/solve it. Or sometimes when conflict arises, we can choose to walk away from it for a time. I know that it’s easier said than done- believe me I have been there before. I don’t always like fighting or any dramas yet it does come without warning/hesitation. Let’s be real- NO ONE DOES.
No one should tolerate or put up with what the other person says/do to them. Yet, conflict is a natural response/part of our everyday life yet we need to be comfortable with the conflicts that comes our way even if we don’t like conflict. We need to learn in our everyday life in every aspect of it especially in the difficult situations and conflicts as this is learning how to stand up for ourselves. Pardon! What did I just hear you say? You’re probably thinking/asking me, right? Well, I shall say it in another way is that we need to do what is right for us and being real and true to ourselves even if others in our circle aren’t happy with the choices that we do come to face and make. Even if it means that you’ll end up being alone. When we stand up for ourselves that this can then be easily misunderstood or misinterpreted as disrespect. So what’s the real difference between disrespect and standing up for yourself?
Let me tell you: When we stand up for ourselves- We choose to speak up and against certain situations that we believe in and to not even let ourselves be walked all over/on as a doormat. We choose to speak up and against to certain situations based on choice, principles, morality and expectations on what we have for ourselves as people as well. You decide to stand up for injustice. You decided to stand up for immoral ethics. While standing up for all of this- yes we may end up standing alone and standing up for change we then will being employing the word “NO.” We stand firm and true to ourselves even when it does upset the other person. This is sure as hell isn’t easy believe you me. I know that this isn’t an easy road of LIFE. This isn’t always easy especially if the person who we’re standing up against is someone in whom we looked up to and respected.
On the other hand, however, disrespecting another person is reacting to one another instead of taking the time and respond with an open mind and a consciously approach to respond to that person. When we do react, however, we may curse, cuss, yell or be rude to the other person. It’s also important to know or to truly understand the difference between reacting and responding. There are a few people that often do choose to respond with disrespect just to spite others.This is a very emotionally immature way behave and act in this manner. As this will result to not in even more conflicts and drama but creating more enemies in the end of time.

For better understanding here is a mantra that we call can learn: Repeat this everyday,  “I must do____________________________________ out of the respect for myself. I’m sorry if you disagree with this as it’s your choice and right as you may see things differently to me.”

Another person may take your action as disrespect if you’re saying “NO.”  and not agreeing or submitting to every wish. Don’t worry about that. Just as long as you’re true and real to yourself and that you feel confident in yourself as well as that you’re not disrespecting another person. You’ll be fine.

I want to encourage you all including myself to be conscious of what you’re doing and saying. Need to remember that not everyone will always see a situation like you do in the same way. Look into your own hearts and stand up for yourselves with respecting others as well as ourselves because you can and will as well as having the right. It about self-respect and knowing your own self-worth.