When you…

When you….

When you’re down and things are getting hard and tough for you don’t push away the people that matters to you most in life like your friends and families cause the more you push them away it will be too late and you’ll lose them for good. Families most importantly come first no matter what happens in life through the good and the bad as they need to stick with us. Some families can choose to stick with us or just go and leave us to fend for ourselves. Tonight I have realised that the ones you need the most is the friends and families you’re closest to. They’ve been there for you no matter how hard and tough the situation is. They never leave your side. You never know a good friend till you lose them and realised they are gone and it’s too late. We need to stay strong for the ones that are needed regardless of our situation; this will test us for our way of life through the good and the bad… Reach out to the people who loves you and who you love because you’ll never know but one day just one day they might surprise you.