Hello! Welcome to my very first blog of today. I thought to share with you all about me a bit more even if you have been my fellow long-time supporters on YouTube watching some videos on what I do.

What I hope to accomplish is that you all will take a journey with me right now as you read a few of my excerpts here and there and what I hope to achieve is for us all to know each other from a reader to a writer’s point of view. I will hope with what I do really want to accomplish will make it worthwhile for you all to join me on this adventure of mine.

I will hope that with this in mind- that we can find ways to also find the right support, answers and more to what life brings us.

Enjoy the reads that will be up in next few days and will look forward to hearing from you all.

FACT/ EXCERPT: A startling fact you may not all know about or even are aware of, is that as many as 50% of people are suffering from Aspergers Syndrome today and has not been diagnosed with this condition.

This is a problem which with myself, who I have been a long-term patient with this ailment and have identified this as well as being passionate about rectifying and also removing all stereotyping about this condition and many more.

In this site as well as in my book, I have written “Life of an Aspie”, I set out and dispel as many myths that have surrounded it while I also acknowledge the facts.

I am able to describe in painstakingly detail what life was like for me growing up before, during and after life with Aspergers Syndrome. While I am living with Aspergers Syndrome, I am able to give good advice for those people who are not familiar with it and those that have children that live with it.

I will also write about as an author/blogger as well as a person who vlogs about my everyday personal struggles that we all face as well as just opening up my heart to you all to what I wish to share with you and to invite you all as you journey with me through this.

For more information- to what I hope to acheive and accomplish, feel free to view my YouTube channel which is: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWKw1HpNsu_EyAhhEJrayyw

Much love