UPDATE & – Getting ready for Autism Awareness month Plans [2019]

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Are you ready this year in what we hope to do for Autism Awareness on my channel? I shared briefly to what I hope to achieve and that is for us to wear my merch that is new and if you do, decide to wear it, do use the hashtag #nodifferent #noless and send them to me or even do a quick video as I may while streaming either here on YouTube or Twitch for the 24hours have you all as a thanks and shoutout to you all if you want one. There is much more shared yet watch the video to find out more.


What I shared in the video is:
*Merch ready to go for Autism Awareness month as well as my branding of channel.
*Discount code between the 28Feb to 5th March, you get 15% off and it is of the discount code: US GETU15 LIMITED TIME ONLY.
*Livestream before the month of Autism awareness month.
*Advertising help and assistance

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Aspie Answers

Update February 2019

Hi all,

This is a long time for me to come back to write and share what is happening with me so far and let me tell you by all means that there is a lot that has been happening. My future plans and projects I have for myself and the channel are mentioned below but before I do share this I will tell you who I am that may not know me. My name is Aspie Answers from Life of an Aspie and that she creates videos on Mental Health and Autism and not only does she creates them, she also advocates and she needs our help in any way possible.

Aims & Goals

  • To advocate, educate and mentor others on and off the spectrum as well as mental health.
    • Advocacy: As per what it reads above in my purpose as an advocate, I will do my utmost best to achieve everything that is required of me to do of the duties at hand.
    • Educating: As for educating others, I will lead by example and to give my intellectual, moral, and social instruction to (someone), typically at a school or university.

My aims and goals for her channel as well as to what I hope to achieve are as follows:

Or to give (someone) training in or information on a particular subject. For example in this case, I will plan to educate others that are interested in learning more about Mental Health as well as Autism Spectrum Disorders and also to raise some awareness around this along with the understanding of it all.

  • Mentoring: With all of this that has been shared so far, I believe that I should be trusted along with giving sound advice based on my own experiences in what I’ve been through that others are willing to learn and grow from what they go through to be or to become better people in the future.
  • By supporting others that it will be my duty to do my utmost best to find the right means of support through myself or the organization that I am working for and assisting others to be sure that every need is met.
  • To remove the stereotyping thinking that Autism Spectrum Disorders is a mental disorder.
  • To remove the myths about Aspergers Syndrome & Autism.
  • To create an understanding of what Aspergers Syndrome is really about for me while living with it.

She would also hope that with our help that with Autism Awareness coming up if anyone of you are interested who are in the same niche or not to wear a t-shirt of hers as support during Autism Awareness month and that have the hashtag of #autismawareness2019#nolessnodifferent in their videos or what have you. As well she is trying to find anyone that does live streams that do support this for now and hopefully with whatever amount she makes via through the stream as well as selling her shirts to the viewers that a certain percentage goes back to the organization as well here in NZ.

I am also before Autism Awareness month if anyone is willing to help design a poster to place on her page on Facebook and other social media as well as anyone that could be interested in spreading the word about this and much more. I know that this is a bit of a stretch but we believe that with your help and teamwork anything is possible.

I have also been trying to get some collabs done as well but this can wait after the first week or two of April to begin them again if any interested based on some of her icebreaker questions to get to know you and your condition and spreading awareness that way and then also if brave enough to share your story more about this in a documentary format style video. You can view her channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWKw1HpNsu_EyAhhEJrayyw…

The videos that I have created are in this playlist which you can watch here: 

I have also just recently put my website I wish to get done on hold unless anyone is willing to assist with this and as a return, you can get a shoutout on my channel and word of thanks via through my Patreon page to raise funds. My site for what she has been using as a blog page to become a website is: https://lifeofanaspieweb.wordpress.com/

The merch store she has just created and is now live is www.spreadshirt.com/life-of-an-aspie. Feel free to check it out to show your support. There are some new items I have just added also just for this limited time only as of at least 15% off everything on my merch store right now when you visit. Run Time: February 28th – March 5th Coupon Code US: GETU15. Get this while it lasts! Spead the word. #autismawareness#nodifferentnoless Aspie.

Another form of financial support outside of YouTube is my patreon page as mentioned to raise funds and there should be something for anyone at any cost. Show some support by visiting and sharing most of these links to others visit it at: https://www.patreon.com/AspieAnswers.

Other places that you can reach her is: 
Discord:Mini_Aspie #4666
Twitter: @aspieanswers
Instagram: @aspieanswers

Thanks for your time and feel to reach out to her for any more questions or would like to assist me.

Let’s make this dream a reality!