Come Follow Me- Little Cuba Carnival Palmerston North New Zealand [27 October 2018]

Come Follow Me- Little Cuba Carnival Palmerston North New Zealand [27 October 2018]

Come & Follow Me

Hi my readers,

Sorry for not being so active as a lot has happened in the past few days while I’ve been doing what I feel need to be done. Today, is a special day where I am here in New Zealand and thought that it is time to share it with you all.

Come and join me today here in New Zealand in Palmerston North’s Cuba Carnival which is now back again, this time it is time to celebrate the opening of the Cuba Street Rejuvenation Project with the Mayor of Palmerston North Grant Smith and the Ambassador of Cuba. Get along and enjoy a day of live music, food, entertainment, pop-up shopping, lobby art exhibitions and much more. This event held Saturday 27 October 2018 was kindly Sponsored by Palmerston North City Council, The Embassy of Cuba, Distinction Hotel, Pineapple Studios, and Groovylicious and many more community support people, without your help our community could not have this event!

Special thanks to: Palmerston North Mayor- Grant Smith Cuban Ambassador Palmerston North City Council Groovylicious Pineapple Studios Higgins Palmerston North Noosh Restaurant Distinction Hotel Palmerston North AND SO MUCH MORE Thanks for your support and thanks for watching.


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