We Have the Power and Choice to Overcome Depression

We Have the Power and Choice to Overcome Depression

We all have our good days and bad days. Some can be bright, and some can be dull and dark. Sometimes, we feel that we cannot seem to get the answers that we are looking for, or even if we cannot get up in the mornings, just to face and seize the day to the point that we feel so happy and ready for our day.

We feel so confident to the point that will say we can do this and conquer our day, no matter what is going to be thrown at us. Also, that we are conquerors and winners, and we  will not let  Depression come in to steal or rob us of our day or what is lying ahead of us. There will be some other times we may just want to stay in bed. Sometimes, we need to realise that, despite what we are going  through, everyone has their own personal struggles, and that some are silently struggling with what they are facing. Everyone is different in how they face their battles and go about their everyday activities. We all know that sometimes, we may have days that will not  go accordingly to plan or just fall into a right pile of mud and that we are stuck in that mud for a time. Some days, we feel so defeated to the point that we just want to give up and throw in the towel. No matter how big or small the struggle that we are facing is, we tend to let it take over us spiritually, mentally and physically and, that we do not or  may not know how to get out of it.

Sometimes, when we get up in the mornings, we do not wish to be up and we will tend to question ourselves just like I do. “Why did I wake up in the first place, what is the main reason or goal for me today as I am now  awake? I am trying to get rid of all the negativities that clouds over my judgement and perception of what and how I feel about myself, as I believe that we all can recycle our negatives and turn them around to positives and not to be too hard on ourselves. We need to remember that there may be days that we will not get the answers that we are seeking for or reaching out for, and that sometimes, there are hidden messages. Sometimes, some messages are so obvious and right there slap bang in front of our faces (figuratively speaking). We can reflect and rewind to the mess and confront the mess that had been made, so that we can tackle it head on.  We have all got  have the power to say no and power to make our own decisions in our lives, that despite the decision we make, there will always be some circumstances that we face as repercussion.

We need to remember that, no matter what, we can be conquerors. Although, everyone’s life is a journey and everyone that goes through will take time and that life should be enjoyed and not rushed. Some people need to remember that there will be people that are not on the same page with them

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